Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Into the silence plunged the scream

The world turned purple

Memories of smouldering eyes

Alone on the precipice

Distant thunder

Lit up the shores

Blanketed in black and white

Your broken wings no longer in flight

Silently floating by

Coloured was your presence

 Stolen was the kiss

Lips alert for one final taste

Yet your stony presence no longer warmed my heart.


Friday, November 15, 2013

In Memory of My Dad

Goodbye Dad
You walk a different path now, it has not being easy knowing you won't be at the end of the phone.  I took a lot for granted when you were here and honestly didn't believe that you would soon be gone.  You kept telling me you didn't think you had much longer but I didn't hear you, I am sorry for this.  The tears of sadness run down my cheeks, I haven't yet felt your presence near.  I hope to see you in my dreams, I hope to hear your voice, but I only see your absence.  Grief visits me in the supermarket, when I am driving in my car, when I am alone and a thought reaches a memory of times gone.  The world is a little empty now, my heart sad, my life more alone.
I have forgotten the song, I have forgotten the tune, I have forgotten a time when I danced on your feet alone. 

Angel Wings brushed my Soul Today

I passed two lovers today
My age I think
They kissed, they laughed
they hugged
Stiring memories
a long time ago
In shadows we hid
Our attraction
Behind closed doors
we kissed
Memories disturbed
Do I want you?
The experience
The sharing
The caring
The sighing
The space inbetween
The lovers embrace
The space inbetween
Love stirs
The space inbetween
memories embraced
The space inbetween
I long to fill
It alludes me still. 

Monday, July 1, 2013


In memory of my dear friends who have departed this physical 
World, your friendship, smiles and stories remain in my heart.  I miss you Bronwyn, Ronda and Jean.
I will meet you in my dreams, 3 amazing women
Who brought so much joy into my life and others
Blessings to you all.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Year of Abundance 2013

A Year of Abundance I see for next year 2013
Love this artist's work, no it is not mine, wish it was, it is so joyful and vibrant.
So hard to believe we are coming to the end of another year and next year I turn 60, still have the feelings of a teenager inside, maybe with a little more wisdom though.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Extraordinary Women

I was one of those girls who always felt she didn’t belong, many of my friends were musicians, artists and frankly different but I myself hadn’t touched my creativity.  In those days it was either plainer exhibited or you just didn’t have it.  Oh how I wish the encouragement I know of now was around for me then, how do I tap into my own inner encourager at nearly 60.  What do I really love to do I know I love colour, I enjoy my camera as all can see with this collection of photos it is a joy to create small collages but what to do with them next.  Let them tell a story of extraordinary women, women who don’t mind being different who said at an early age I just don’t want to be ordinary, so what does this really mean. 

I question my extraordinary part of myself and this is what she told me.

Never be afraid to show yourself, don’t think that there is ever anything wrong with you, you are set with a number of qualities that once you unearth assist you in shining your true colours in this world.  Believe always in yourself no matter what others may have to say you are unique, beautiful and creative.  Wear outrageous outfits, dance at midnight, dream of distant lands and laugh at little things.  Never let anyone or anything stand in your way in believing your dreams can be manifest, anything is possible and miracles are in the process of daring to be different.

Today I begin the journey of connecting with my own extraordinary woman and encourage any of you out there to join with me and proclaim to the world that we have a job to do and that is to remind all women whatever their age that they are all extraordinary and it is their right to be the person they were born to be.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


A time of renewal, a reminder that life continues after a long dark winter, the colours are often hidden beneath the earth, waiting for warmth and light to bring them to the surface for all to rejoice in celebration.  A Sunday afternoon in Silvana's garden brought delight to my creator within.